I often ask myself, "Am I living a life I desire?"

At times its "YES": those moments that are high, exciting, full of energy, and light.  You know those moments, where time stops, and your favorite song is playing, and you are so high on serotonin that you can't even realize that this is your life?!

And then there are the quiet times, when I'm alone: on the plane, in my hotel room, in my apartment, or writing in my journal... and the answer sometimes is "no".  Usually, when change has or is occurring, a challenge arises, I'm looking at my body in the mirror, after a late night room service order (ah-em), or something I wanted to happen so badly, doesn't.

I can't solve a problem of the mind, with the mind.  I ask myself, "What is it that I am unhappy with?  Why in this moment, am I upset, or being challenged?"  Then I turn to my Spirit Guide.  She is light, free, effervescent, and a go-getter.  She accepts any challenge, and turns mud into gold.  She is an alchemist and a sexy, intelligent goddess that guides me on every step of my journey.

In moments where I might not be enjoying a life I desire, or where I might be unhappy, my spirit is showing me who I am!  She is giving me life experiences that teach me where to move, what to do, and where to go.  

These unhappy moments are needed to show us the way.  They are in our lives to show us what little changes we can make to live a life we desire.  It takes some time to know how we feel, what is causing it, and what changes we want to make.  So be patient.  Making changes is not easy, because we are creatures of habit.  What we continue to do for long periods of time is comfortable and familiar to us. Of course it will be difficult to change things!  Imagine one day someone telling you that eating soup with a spoon was wrong, and you now had to train yourself to eat soup with a fork!

Difficult situations are golden ways your Spirit can show you who you are.  

Things don't always go as planned.  You know they say "You plan your life, and God laughs." There is something greater than you and I that is in control.  And it is our ability to connect with this higher source, that allows us a life of trust, freedom, and faith.  If we can step outside ourselves for moments at a time, and take a look at ourselves from another's perspective, maybe we can be a bit more easy on ourselves.  

Embrace unhappy moments.  Be unhappy sometimes!  It's healthy and part of being human.  It is allowing us to adapt and move with the flow of life.  What does it mean to adapt?  Being adaptable is the ability to adjust to new conditions.  According to Charles Darwin:

"it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself."

I find myself in the Happiest of moments and in the Unhappiest of moments --that's what makes me whole.  Check the Method.