The NW Method represents creativity, energy and newness; Nicole brings passion and unique ideas to every project.  Some of the biggest brand names in the world have partnered with the NW Method, from fashion to music to fitness, working with the team to create innovative ideas that revoultionize the industry.  Nicole is a trailblazer who constantly pushes boundaries and inspires brands to evolve and break away from tradition.

In 2016, Nicole was signed as the first ambassador for NBTY’s Pure Protein. As part of her role with the brand, she has filmed two commercials, one of which received more than 3 million views online – as well as creating a live theater experience for hundreds of media.


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When Bandier launched Studio B, the NW Method was the first workout to be included by founder Jennifer Bandier. As a result, the NW Method helped to turn the brand’s dream concept into a successful reality.

PepsiCo’s Propel extended its relationship with Nicole by casting her in a commercial in late 2016. The print and video campaign her newness and her ability to fuse fitness with the showcases artistry of performance.



In 2014, Adidas named Nicole as the first ever Global Women’s Ambassador to Adidas by Stella McCartney, a partnership which lasted for two years.  As part of her role, Nicole helped to launch Adidas’ “Here to Create” campaign.  Since debuting in February, her “Here to Create” video has had more than 2 million views online.

She was also the first person to take part in the “Avenue A” program, curating a box of fitness favorites, and starring in a digital campaign to promote it.

Nicole’s expertise influenced the functionality of the clothing, and her style inspired Stella’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Net-a-Porter became the first to showcase Nicole’s method, “The Art of Fitness”, in a health and wellness-focused video series to promote the partnership. In the clips, Nicole modeled Stella’s collection, while sharing her favorite workout moves, fitness tips, and choreography.

NW Studios has a long-standing partnership with The Standard hotel group, holding weekly NW Method classes at The Standard, High Line in New York City.  In January, The Standard Spa in Miami, invited Nicole to teach several NW Method workouts for media and influencers at its Camp Standard event.

Equinox invited Nicole to begin teaching her NW Method in its Soho facility for three months earlier this year, making it the first outside workout to be given a residency within an Equinox space.  Every one of the twice-weekly classes was sold out, and the Method was later featured at Equinox’s LA locations.

Last year, Oribe asked Nicole to host an NW Method workout class for several key media and influencers to launch the brand’s new dry shampoo. Nicole was also asked to promote the product and speak about its benefits in relation to fitness and dance.


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3M cast Nicole in a commercial for Post-It, which she creatively directed.  The clip aired at the start of 2017 and showcases the NW Method, as well as the artistic process that goes into creating Nicole’s workouts on a daily basis.

Nicole had a six-month partnership with Fiji, during which time she was given her own blog on the Fiji website.  Here she was able to share her interests and passions with Fiji fans, as well as share advice on fitness, mindfulness, and physical and mental wellbeing. 

In 2016, Nicole was asked by Google Play to help promote the brand's involvement at Refinery29's 29Rooms by attending the event as a guest and generating a buzz on Instagram. 

Degree Women partnered with Nicole last year on their Seize the Motion campaign, a social media movement which saw fitness experts sharing some of their favorite ways to get moving and stay active. 



As part of Refinery29's School of Self-Expression at SXSW, the brand asked Nicole to teach a class for their guests, who were invited to immerse themselves in a host of activities focused around creativity, technology, and style. 

The brand profiled Nicole as one of their favorite healthy living gurus back in 2015, while also signing her up as a VIP influencer.  She continues to work closely with the brand as one of her fashion favorites.