adidas by stella mccartney


I am the Global Brand Ambassador of women’s training for adidas by Stella McCartney.

I will be involved in creating unique training sessions as well as attending both global and local events for adidas by Stella McCartney, sharing my knowledge in new training techniques to bring its performance and style credentials to life for both media and consumers.



‘It’s really exciting to have an opportunity to work with a woman that lives and breathes every moment of what she does and uses health and fitness in a way that inspires others. I am thrilled that she is joining the adidas by Stella McCartney family.’ – Stella McCartney


"It is beyond my wildest dreams to be able to collaborate on a global level with adidas, the leading sports performance brand, and Stella McCartney, a pioneer to women's fashion and style. I am honored to be a part of their family. Fitness is art, and together, our marriage of movement, performance, and fashion will create a new standard. The sky is the limit!” – Nicole Winhoffer



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fiji water


Fiji is my favourite water because it is the most pure water. It is bottled at the source. I love being a part of the Fiji Team!

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Root9 Ginseng gives me the energy I need without all those chemicals that other energy drinks have. Korean Red Ginseng is the main ingredient, which is a herb that contains a nutrient rich blend of amino acids, essential oils and enzymes. Korean Red Ginseng can help the body restore vitality, alleviates stress and tiredness, increase blood circulation, concentration and enhances brain function.

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FitGirlCode believes in maintain an active lifestyle, good nutrition and NOT starving yourself or dieting. I am proud to be part of the FitGirlCode team. I love sharing my fitness tips and other exciting events happening in my life with FitGirlCode.

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