MEET nicole


MEET nicole


 Nicole Winhoffer is a world-renowned fitness artist who creatively combines the art of inner expression and fitness.   Her east meets west Method can give anyone - regardless of their fitness level - toned flexible curves and a confident loving connection to oneself.

Her individualistic approach allows each student to not only discover, but embrace their own personal strength and passion. Through her continuous curiosity for the unknown, she’s inspired to a new way to health by combining fact, science, art, and energy.






I was born in NYC to a Filipino mother and German father. Athleticism in my family was a daily ritual: from an early age, I trained as a dancer, diver, swimmer, and track and field while my three younger brothers played soccer. Dance has always been my passion and through the years I excelled in it because I discovered that it was the only athletic workout that allowed me to express myself, release emotions, and keep me fit. At the age of 17, I booked my first Broadway show, appearing in 42nd StreetBombay Dreams and Wicked.

Inspired by art, dance, fashion, music, and popular culture, my workout method is creative, innovative and unconventional. I seek to continuously do what’s never been done before combining my knowledge of the body, dance, sports science, anatomy and eastern practices that focus on the chakras, acupuncture points and energy work.  The NW Method has played a leading role in shaping some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney, Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and Steven Klein. 

From 2010-2014, I was the Creative Director of Hard Candy Fitness’ “Addicted to Sweat” program, which I co-created with Madonna to make our workouts accessible to all fitness levels. During this tenure, I successfully helped to open 8 Hard Candy Fitness gyms across the globe, teaching trainers in each location the Addicted to Sweat program.

At the end of 2014, I was announced as the new Global Ambassador of Women's Training for Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Saying yes to the universe and trusting myself has led to me to where I am today. I am always pushing the boundaries of fitness and strive to set the new standard of fitness in the 21st Century. Through movement, I want to inspire others to realize their dreams and lead them to their most balanced, beautiful, and best self. 

Love Yourself! 




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"Addicted to Sweat is inspired by my workout that I do consistently to take care of my mind and body.  My trainer Nicole and I have created this program that has helped to give me the body I have today."


stella mccartney

"It’s really exciting to have an opportunity to workout with a woman that lives and breathes every moment of what she does, and uses health and fitness in a way that inspires others."

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molly sims

"Nicole is the one trainer that really makes me excited to work out… She’s a spiritual girl - and she works you hard!"




Each client has a different background and skill level, yet they all get something out of the NW Method.

 Read their own words of how NW™ Method has changed their lives.


"The NW method has honestly changed my life - mind, body and soul.  What I love most about the NW method is that it constantly keeps me guessing.  I never know what type of workout I'm walking in on ... body weight?  Chairs?  Bungee?  Wall?  The insane energy and support from all the strong and BADASS women that come to class and the trainer's 100% dedication keeps me coming back week after week.  I can't think of a better way to achieve optimal results other than fresh workouts, fresh playlists, and most importantly, working hard and having a total BLAST at the same damn time!"


"I was introduced to Nicole and her NW method exactly a year ago.  I had just had my third baby and wanted to get my body back but was struggling to get myself to the gym feeling tired and exhausted from having three kids under the age of 5 at home all while juggling a full time job.

The first time I metNicole I found her so inspiring.  I was ready to embark on the journey with her to change my body and was excited at the prospect of feeling more energized.   The class was challenging but so fun, so that I was immediately hooked and I saw real results quickly.  I love the dancing aspect at the end of the class that helps me let go and simply have fun.  Her music is at another level and complements her electric energy as she sweats and works hard with her clients.

I am happy to say that after three kids my body is strong and my lower body is leaner and more toned than it's ever been. I still have some more work to go to reach my ultimate goal.  But I know that each time I check the method my body will be stronger,  my mind more clear and my spirit more free.

I am so grateful to Nicole and her NW girls for always making me feel 100!!"


"While most trainers and classes only focus on the physical body of the client, Nicole focuses on the spiritual body as well as the physical.  I believe this is why NW method worked for me.  Nicole encouraged me to see myself as more than I was, and challenged me to love myself first.  As women, especially in this current society, that is a foreign idea.  To love ourselves first.  We are told to love our significant other, our children, our family, our mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, career, etc, etc, etc and then and only then....ourselves.  NW method teaches you to love yourself first and in learning that... you can love others so much more."


“I sometimes wonder where I would be without the NW Method.  For the past 18 months I have been a proactive client of the NW Method.  What is unique is the way Nicole structures the class so that she focuses on and isolates specific areas of the body during the first half hour, and then uses the second half of the class to increase our heart rate by using dance as cardio.  (Nicole always has the best playlist!)  Along with motivation from the great music, Nicole and Emily are always inspirational and encouraging through every single rep!  My favorite aspect of the class is that the music is loud, the lighting is very dim and it's a one hour "gift" I receive to focus on myself!  They also make it a very personal experience by getting to know their students' names and individual "body goals."  Because Nicole believes in high repetition/low weight, it fatigues the muscle causing it to shrink and sculpt.  (Especially your butt!)  My body has responded better to her method better than any other because ithas made my muscles longer and leaner.  The confidence I have gained is a result of the changes in my body, along with her inspirational speech at the end of every class.  I am able to walk out of there feeling rewarded!  She makes you only focus on yourself in an inspiring, cool and comfortable environment!”



“I am obsessed with the NW Method!  In only a few short months, I've noticed a lift in my booty and less dimples on my backside. The method challenges your body with targeted moves for a tough workout that leaves you feeling strong.  With the playlist on point, including the latest jams and some throwback favorites, combined with Nicole's contagious energy, the class is so much fun and flies by.”


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“The NW Method is the complete mind-body workout.  Each class pushes you to the brink mentally, physically and emotionally.  I've worked muscles I never knew I had and have never felt stronger.  Taking this class has given me a new found respect for my body and all that it can do.  The NW Method is seriously life changing.”


"I love your classes.  I am 41 years old and was told I have a genetic neurological disorder.  It is a first cousin to Multiple Sclerosis, causing muscle atrophy in hands, feet, and joints.  I am letting this stop me from working my unaffected muscles.  I love your class and positive energy.  I was always active growing up in sports and fitness.  So intend of letting myself get fat and depressed, I decided to take your class and get as fit as I can.  Health is a virtue and I am making this my first priority.

Thank you for your awesome fitness regime.  I am planning on attending more so I can get better."   


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“Nicole and Emily have been training me for almost four years both privately and through the development of the NW Method, which is not only completely unique but extremely challenging, to say the very least!  My entire body has changed doing NW, particularly in the last year and a half since Nicole intensified the workouts with more cardio and a much quicker pace.  The exercises train your muscles to move in ways they never did because of the angles and rotations of each position, and your flexibility  and stamina improve significantly.  The classes are fun, the clients have positive attitudes, and the energy in the workouts reflect that so everyone is inspired and feels great.  

Nicole is an incredible trainer with years of experience and an unbelievable knowledge of the anatomy.  Her research, class preparation and choreography are all unprecedented for a woman her age and extremely admirable.  Equally important, Nicole, Emily and the NW Method play a much greater role in my life than keeping my butt tight and thighs lean!  Personally, Nicole is also trusted friend and spiritual guide who has been with me both through very difficult and very wonderful times.  She has taught me the importance of patience, self gratitude, a positive attitude, seeing people for who they really are and focusing on what is really important.  I have brought numerous friends to class and privates who all love the workout, even their first time when it's legitimately grueling! In and of itself, that is a testament to Nicole, Emily, her trainers and the NW Method."


“I have been working out with NW for two years and I love it.  The method is made for a woman's body and has slimmed my waist, hips, and thighs in a way no other workout can.  I love the community of NW - a beautiful group of people, mostly creatives and fashionites supporting each other and bringing positive energy to the hour we spend together.  Nicole and Emily have been an inspiration both physically and mentally, by ending class with a thought for the day and a reminder to always LOVE YOURSELF.”


“I love Nicole's NW Method.  The first time I took the class, I came out the class feeling amazing because the workout was hard, the music was great, the energy was amazing, and Nicole's advice at the end of the class was spot on.  Every class I've taken since then has been just the same.  I do a lot of things - spinning, boxing, yoga, pilates, etc., and NW is an integral part of my active lifestyle.  Nicole always pushes everyone to find more strength and fluidity, and a better version of themselves. Thank you!”


“I started taking NWMethod over a year ago.   I've always been an active person and enjoy working out.  Not because of the sweat or the pain it can put you through, but because it shows you how strong you are as a person both mentally and physically.  I've tried classes from rebounding, total body, spinning, and yoga, you name I'm down to try it.  It takes a lot for a class to get me hooked.  I heard about NW Method from a friend that had taken it once and said it was great but that you have to be ready for it.  It's not a passive workout.  As a person that tries to maximize every second of my day I of course had to try it.  The next Sunday I walked into a dark room with neon lights, bright orange rings and pink mats.  The next hour was indescribable.  It took me at least four more classes to explain it to my other friends.  It takes you from toning, to abs, to cardio dance, and then what can only be described as a dance party where you're literally drenched in sweat.

Since I've taken the class I'm stronger and more flexible.  As a marathon runner I'm normally very stiff and prone to injuries.  I do a lot of yoga and acupuncture to make sure I don't get hurt during training season.  Since I started the class I still do yoga and acupuncture, but I really don't have to as much.  Nicole's class stretches and works the muscles that I normal injure while running.  I've run three marathons since I started Nicole's class and I'm stronger than I've ever been.  My endurance is up and my recovery time is shorter.  I recommend it to all of my friends because for cross training her class cannot be beat.”


“Thank you for all the time and energy you all put in for the classes.  I look forward to working out and feel so alive---if that makes sense!  On a vanity level, I can see in myself a more feminine physique silhouette----which is an answered superficial prayer!  Today I completed my 100th workout!  The online classes are a part of my life now and I enjoy how grounded and alive they make me feel.  Emily and Nicole have been such a blessing to me.  I sincerely appreciate everything you and your team do to make the classes such a lovely transforming experience.”


“NW Method is hands down the best workout class I’ve done in my life.  It’s actually just one of the best ways to spend an hour of your life in general.  You will sweat, you will laugh, you will feel sexy and beautiful as hell.  And yes, your body will look better than ever because Nicole works every curve.  Her workout is specifically designed for a woman’s body, and while I’ve done just about every workout - dance, soul cycle, yoga, soccer, cross-fit, swimming - nothing got me in shape like NW or is nearly as fun.

Class starts out with reps of arms, legs, hips, butt, every muscle group.  Then finishes off with dance-cardio.  Everything is to killer music, so even when you're deep in the 25th rep of a butt lift, the music pulls you through and you're having fun.

The instructors are phenom. Their energy is infectious and they are most likely the best dancers you’ve ever seen.  They do all the reps and dance alongside you, so you can’t help but feel super-charged by their energy and their sexiness rubs off on you :)

At $35 a class, you might think it’s too pricey, but think of it more as a going therapy, workout and the club all in one.  NW elevates your spirit, clears your head, and makes you sexy af.  You leave class feeling high with a restored sense of confidence and motivation to take on important changes in your life. Quite simply, NW will help you live better.

NW is one of the reasons I was able to end a 9-year relationship that wasn’t right for me. It made me feel beautiful, womanly and sexy again, and it put me in touch with my core spirit. NW truly made me love myself again. It gave me confidence to put myself first, and treat myself well.  Not to mention, also make my body look killer.  I am eternally grateful to Nicole, Emily and the NW class, for being a guiding light to help me get through a tough time. 

Some days I literally had a choice - stay in bed arguing with my partner, or go to NW class and get high off dance and sweat.  After months of making that right choice, I was able to go through the bigger transition of ending my relationship, and now I am the happiest I've ever been in my life.

Finally, NW is a community. Start going to class regularly and you’ve just gained a new girl gang of strong, positive, caring women in your life.

Go to class. You and everyone you interact with in life will thank you later.”