transformation nation:  12 weeks to the best you


You too can do the same workout my client did on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian!  My client lost 50 pounds in three months doing this exact program.  Each week we began a new workout, and we continued the same workout for six days.  Your body will see results and your mind and spirit will grow and change as well.  Commit to NW Method's Transformation Nation for 12 Weeks to the Best You!

You will receive all 12 videos at once, and they're yours!  You can download them or stream them.  Any level can do these workouts.

You will need a mat, a towel, 2- or 3-pound dumbbells, and optional wrist and ankle weights.  Love yourself!


You can work out with Nicole and her trainers and clients from anywhere!  Check the Method with us from the comfort of your own home.  These are great to take traveling or when your schedule doesn't allow for class.  Any level can do these workouts.  You may stream them anytime for unlimited views, or download them directly to your device.

Please click the photo to purchase video.


You can Check the Method from anywhere!  With your #NWChurch subscription, you'll get access to the hour-long, NW™ Signature class I teach in New York or LA every weekend.  You'll be right in the studio sweatin, workin and feelin alongside me and my clients. 

Every Sunday a new video is released.  You can stream the class 24/7 for unlimited views.  Each video stays up for two weeks before it disappears, so you'll always have access to two videos at a time.  Stream #NWCHURCH anywhere and any time! 

I created this Signature class to train numerous celebrities and pop stars for their multi-hour performances.  This class is part toning and part dance-cardio. We tone to the hottest tracks and work all our curves.  You'll feel muscles you didn't even know you have.  Then we release it all with a few killer dance routines.  You finish feeling high. 

We are providing you with a raw, unedited glimpse into the true NYC or LA class experience.  I keep vocal cues to a minimum because the NW™ Method focuses on clients sharpening their instincts and developing their inner knowledge of their body while training.

We don't call it "NWChurch" for nothing.

See you in class!