introducing the nw church video app!

We are so excited to launch our NW Church video app for iOs.  Get your favorite NW Method workouts right from your device.  

- stream or download videos directly to your iPhone or iPad.  Great for traveling!

- pair your NW Church app with a smart TV or Airplay to watch on a big screen.

-  access your monthly subscription videos or single digital downloads.

- leave comments or questions on the videos to connect with Nicole and engage with the NW community.

- book your NW Method classes in NYC or LA.

- read the blog to get frequent updates and messages from Nicole.

- learn about Nicole, the NW Method, and read up on testimonials and press about the Method you are training in.

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transformation nation:  12 weeks to the best you!  

you can do the same workout as my client on revenge body with khloe kardashian.


You too can do the same workout my client did on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian!  My client lost 50 pounds in three months doing this exact program.  Each week we began a new workout, and we continued the same workout for six days.  Your body will see results and your mind and spirit will grow and change as well.  Commit to NW Method's Transformation Nation for 12 Weeks to the Best You!

You will receive all 12 videos at once, and they're yours!  You can download them or stream them.  Any level can do these workouts.

You will need a mat, a towel, 2- or 3-pound dumbbells, and optional wrist and ankle weights.  Love yourself!


E! has just announced me as a trainer on Season 2 of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.  This project was so much fun, and my client had a beautiful transformation.  Please tune in to see how NW Method can change lives.  Season premiere is January 7th, and my episode airs February 25th!  Check out the trailer below.

I spoke with about the Revenge Body show and gave some tips for active moms-to-be!

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You’re going to be going through this whole process where your body is changing–doing a workout where there is a lot of changes is really important.
— Nicole Winhoffer