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People approach me all the time and ask me:

“How do I get rid of this, how do I get rid of that?”

There is a pattern to the “problem” areas of the female figure: behind the arms, the waist, and the area underneath the glutes.  Challenges from droopy skin, excess fat, untoned muscles, and cellulite run rampant in these 3 points.

What’s also interesting is that the pathways of energy (in the Kundalini System for example) contain 7 chakras that align themselves with different parts of the body.

If I were to align the 3 problem areas of women to the corresponding 3 energy systems on its same level:

1) Back Arm Fat correspond to the Heart Chakra

2) Waist corresponds to the 5th Chakra / Ego

3) Saddle Bag area corresponds to 1st Chakra Root.

If your chakral alignment is off balance, the areas of the body that correspond can also be blocked.

My theory is that women and their 3 problem areas correspond to the blocked chakras that challenge and face our inner strength each and every day.

Our hearts are open, we are giving, comforting creatures.

Our egos represent our self-esteem and our worth.  And in our day and age, when we are faced with so many pressures to look beautiful, to act a certain way, and to dress a certain way… it leads to pressure and sometimes a questioning of who we really are and our role in society.  More so than ever, the woman is independent: both providing and taking care of the home and growing less dependent on a partner.  This can be confusing hormonally as (by nature) there is room for only 1 alpha / 1 beta in a partnership.  Often times, the woman is acting as both!

Our Root Chakra is represented by our territory, our footing on the ground, our worlds.  Women are challenged by speaking their truth whether its at work, professionally, at home, or in a relationship.  Our Root and our relationship with our foundation is extremely important in growing into the person we want to be.

So, for these 3 areas of the body… women can be challenged!  In response, we can have problems with the areas of the body because we are not freed in these three chakras!

Being aware and mindful is the first step.  When you are walking, at the gym, or speaking with a friend, bring awareness to these areas of the body and breathe.  We want to bring energy and life BACK in the areas and achieve our sexy balanced body.

Below are 3 moves you can do to target these problem areas!

1) Ab Pass – Pass alternating in between a wide 2nd position.  Use finger tips to squeeze and activate the arms.  50 reps.

2)  Tricep Fire – On all fours, lift your elbow parallel to ceiling at 90 angle.  Complete 50 reps each arm.

3) Saddle Bag Fire – Choose 2 targets and line them up diagonally from your hip bone.  Lie on your side, bend the bottom leg.  Extend top leg straight and create a half moon from front target to back target.  Complete 50 reps each leg.