Okay. I have a challenging job. I teach people how to move, in hopes that they will live a freer, happier and healthier life. I teach mind, body, soul connection using modern music and movement. I have hundreds of thousands of people that have studied with me. It's fun, challenging, and a great workout. 

To live happy, healthy and free is about having fun and being aware. My clients ask me for suggestions of what to drink. I tell them don't drink calories, stay away from juices and sugars. My go-to drink has always been sparkling water, fresh squeezed lime juice and vodka. Low in calories, no artificial sugars, and very refreshing. Skimping out on sugars relieves you of hangovers and calories. Fresh squeezed lime juice and lemon juice offer a great taste with no calories or sugars. Fresh lemon and lime are great for digestion. Going out and having fun is essential to living a happier and healthier life. Restriction is never a good idea - it deprives you of joy and doesn't make you feel free. I never wanted my clients to feel deprived or unable to go out and socialize. We dance and workout all day, and should be able to celebrate and have a fun time without feeling guilty.

I have been doing this for years- on global world tours with Madonna, dancing with Shakira, dancing on Broadway, training hard being as healthy as I can, but also having a good time. 

A couple of months ago, White Claw (whiteclaw.com) contacted me and told me about their product. I couldn't believe how genius it was and that it was a great version of my "go-to" drink - seltzer, a bit of vodka and a fruit flavor in a can! Low in calories and no after taste. I was amazed. I really liked the convenience of it because when we make ourselves a drink we need a lot of ingredients on hand - but this is so easy. I think everything should be done with intention and drinking responsibly is important. Drinking is a celebration and a way to bring people together. Having White Claw around makes it super fun, easy and convenient. Finally they have made a "go-to" drink with all of my needs throughout! I highly recommend this drink for people who want to have a good time, drink responsibly, all natural and great tasking, and love to work out but also have fun too!!

My claws come out for White Claw. :) 

xo - NW